by Crooked Letter



released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Crooked Letter Gävle, Sweden

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Track Name: Tourists
Don't want to know
Your point of view
I've been here for longer than you
Like a selfish little kid
Seeking confirmation
Spreading out across the room
Tiny cancer tumors
Know your enemy
Don't give them anything
Regaining consciousness
I close my eyes
And everything will come alive
My hope, my truth
Question authority
And we will never have to lie
Do you think that you can claim this for yourselves?
I can see what you've become
Hollow anxious eyes
A temporary state of mind
Tourists eating through the crowd
Track Name: Asleep
Cars and city sounds
I see you walking around
Seeking hearts thats beating too
But this world is not for you
I hear them talking in their sleep about all the things that they have missed
There's so much love that goes to waste
We play on broken instruments
There's so much you would like to be
But your workday keeps you fixed
It's our responsibility to open eyes and disagree
Track Name: May 21
All that I need
Got all I need
Let's pack the van to see how things can be
Another place where people feel like you and me
Let's leave today
With all our friends
We'll drive these wheels on neverending freeways you and me
Burning rubber, losing sleep
Change is coming for me, eventually
I cannot be here, I don't fit in
Awaken slumber, a broken structure
When will this nightmare end?
I felt alone
I'm coming home
I'm coming home to watch the plants grow just like I do too
Can't hang around always you know
Let's leave today
With all our friends
Leave all the routine workdays for a punkrock holiday
Copcar chases, feed the flames
Track Name: Blueprint
Recall all the wasted times we shared my only friend?
Like pages in a book stuffed away
And we lived inside our silent agreement
Just because we had no clue what to say
Why can't we regain our old awareness?
Killing days without bad conscience
Seize the moments here instead of walking by/Do you feel what I mean?
The older I get the more I fear
I stumble through the darkness searching
I used to feel serenity
Instead of falling into nothing